Each student at our school is a member of a multi-age Crew that he or she remains with from enrollment to graduation.  The foundation of the Crew model comes from the words of Kurt Hahn, “We are Crew, not passengers.”  Our primary focus in Crew is to ensure that each student: (1) is known well by at least one adult within the school and (2) is an active member of a consistent and on-going small-scale peer community.


Crew is a dynamic vehicle for students to explore the Guiding Questions of Crew:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my plans for the future?
  • How am I doing?

Guiding Principles of Crew

1. Relationships

  • Crew provides each student a one-to-one relationship with an adult advisor and provides a consistent and ongoing small-scale peer community. 
  • Crew advisors monitor and support student progress and serve as the student’s advocate in difficult academic and social situations. 
  • Crew advisors act as the primary contact point between parents and the school. 
  • Crew meetings are frequently used for teambuilding exercises.


2. Literacy

  • Crew includes regular required reading, with the goal of developing life-long readers.
  • Crew leaders confer with students as they read, encourage them to read new types of books, and keep track of their progress in meeting the independent reading requirement.


3. Service

  • Crews identify needs in the school and in outside communities, and propose and develop projects to address those needs.


4. Portfolio and Passage

  • Students use regularly designated crew sessions to assemble and organize portfolios.
  • Advisors monitor portfolio progress and assess student readiness for presentation.


5. Adventure and Fitness

  • Crew offers opportunities for adventure, guided first by the crew leader and then gradually led by students.
  • Fitness and nutrition plans are developed and revisited by students during crew meetings.


6. Lifeskills

  • Crew advisors support and coach students in developing key lifeskills such as organization, goal setting, time management, healthy decision making.


7. School Administration

  • Student administrative business is generally accomplished during crew meetings under the guidance of the crew advisor (choosing electives, etc.).